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5 Fun Ways to Wear a Knitted Sweater

5 Fun Ways to Wear a Knitted Sweater

Looking for some style inspo for your sweaters? Here are 5 fun ways to wear a knitted sweater + some of our absolute favorite sweaters to wear this season. You are going to love this lineup because we are rocking it this season in the cute and cozy sweater department! 

Let’s kick off this new year with treating ourselves and getting us something nice to wear that we will love ourselves in! Every girl loves some retail therapy and sometimes it’s just necessary! So have fun looking through these knitted sweaters and learning the best and simplest ways to style them for the rest of winter. Enjoy!

Knitted Sweater Look #1: Confetti 

confetti knitted sweater. www.loveoliveco.com

OK, how much do you love this Remi Sweater? It is one of our most favorite items yet for several reasons! It has a fun confetti detail intertwined throughout the entire fabric and it features ribbed cuffs, collar, and edges. This sweater is meant to have a more loose fit and it is even a little bit stretchy, so this can be styled with a simple front tuck in your jeans! This is a great option for bringing on some brighter colors but staying warm while the winter weather sticks around. 

Knitted Sweater Look #2: Ribbed 

ribbed texture knitted sweater. www.loveoliveco.com

Every girl needs at least one or two tops that feature a ribbed design. This is such a fun way to add some texture to your outfit, and this Burker Sweater is the perfect example for it! This top has a cool wavy design that features two different colors that can be easily tied together with a nice black pair of jeans. This sweater is made out a heavy weight material, so you can count on this one to keep you feeling warm and cozy! 

Knitted Sweater Look #3: Stripes

striped knitted sweater. www.loveoliveco.com

This Dyer Sweater is a Love Olive Co exclusive that we have been dying to show you! We are loving the overall vibe of this sweater and can’t wait for you to love it too. From its high ribbed neckline to the stripe designs that add a pop of color and everything in between–this sweater is a must for your closet! And if you’re falling for the corduroy pants with this fit too (shown in the pic above), you can check them out HERE

Knitted Sweater Look #4: Cropped

cropped knitted sweater. www.loveoliveco.com

If you love wearing high-waisted jeans then this is the perfect sweater to match! Say hello to our Myles Sweater in blue ivory. It has a nice relaxed fit and is slightly cropped, so it’ll land perfectly with your favorite pair of pants. It also features super cute balloon sleeves! And if you don’t want to squish those sleeves underneath a jacket, then you can totally layer up by adding a neutral turtleneck underneath. This is a great way to stay warm and add some more layers to your overall look. 

Knitted Sweater Look #5: V-Neck

collared and v-neck knitted sweater. www.loveoliveco.com

Literally, anyone can pull off this Stefan Sweater. The unique design is sure to stand out and the loose fit is a definite bonus. The v-neck style isn’t as common with knitted sweaters, so this is a fun new trend to try out! And again, don’t be afraid to layer up if the weather calls for it! This sweater is seriously so cozy and we will definitely be wearing it all winter long. 

5 Fun Ways to Wear a Knitted Sweater

We hope you found some new looks you want to try from these 5 fun ways to wear a knitted sweater! If anything, know that knitted sweaters are a must for colder weather, so you can never have too many!! Let us know which ones you end up loving over on Instagram! You can find us @loveoliveco and make sure to give us a follow so you can keep getting all the best options for your wardrobe and tips on how to style them! 

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5 fun ways to wear a knitted sweater. www.loveoliveco.com
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