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4 Tips for Choosing Timeless Wardrobe Accessories

4 Tips for Choosing Timeless Wardrobe Accessories

The holidays are just around the corner, and you know what that means! It’s time to start gift shopping for either yourself or your loved ones. We put together 4 tips for choosing timeless wardrobe accessories that would make amazing gifts this year. We know you’ll love them!

Sometimes adding an accessory to your outfit is all you need to refresh your go-to favorites. And during this colder season is the best time to add accessories! However, it can be hard to spend money on accessories when you aren’t sure if you’ll really wear them or how long they’ll actually last. That’s why we put together this list for you. These tips will help you know when it’s worth it to buy and when it’s better to wait for another deal.

4 Tips for Choosing Timeless Wardrobe Accessories

Hopefully, by the end of this post, you’ll find what you love and just go for it! Besides, we all deserve a little gift just for showing up day in and day out, right? Take this time to find an accessory that will last a long time and is worth every dollar spent! Any of these accessories linked here will give you just what you’re looking for. 

Tip #1 for Choosing Timeless Wardrobe Accessories: Find things that are cute and functional.

brown chic fanny pack. www.loveoliveco.com

Cute and functional accessories are always the best way to go. Any time you can find things that are trendy and serve a purpose are the best things you can buy for yourself, and even as gifts for your friends. One of these cute and functional accessories is a fanny pack!

Have you hopped on the fanny pack trend yet? Who knew just wearing a fanny pack over your shoulder instead of your waist would make them have a huge comeback. But we aren’t complaining about it! Sometimes you just need a small bag to hold your essentials when you’re running out the door, and a fanny pack is perfect for that. Especially because you can adjust it so you can keep it on you the entire time without it being a hassle. Check out the cutest fanny pack HERE.

Tip #2 for Choosing Timeless Wardrobe Accessories: Know when it’s time to splurge.

wide hammered ring in gold. www.loveoliveco.com

We are huge fans of finding a good deal. But we also are fans of splurging when it matters most. Usually, we splurge on items we know we will use often, solve a need, or love so much that we don’t want to go another day without them. And in this case, it’s an item that we just had to have. 

This is our Wide Hammered Ring in gold. Jewelry is always a good category to (reasonably) splurge on because you know it’s nicer quality and will last a long time. This is perfect because jewelry is best known for being timeless! If you are a ring person, we know you will love this one. If you’re more of a necklace or earring girl, we’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from too. You can check out our exclusive jewelry collection HERE

Tip #3 for Choosing Timeless Wardrobe Accessories: Have a few pieces that can be worn with almost everything.

silver necklace that goes with everything. www.loveoliveco.com

Do you have that one necklace that you wear almost every day? Or are you still looking for one? Whether you have one that you love, need an upgrade, or are just getting into them, we have the perfect Spirited Necklace that can literally go with any outfit you ever wear. If you’re wondering what to get your girlfriend or sister for the holidays, this would be an amazing gift. If they love jewelry, this is a great necklace that can be worn all on its own or can be paired with other necklaces. This one would be well worth the purchase!

Tip #4 for Choosing Timeless Wardrobe Accessories: Don’t be afraid to try something new.

cream wide brimmed hat. www.loveoliveco.com

It’s always fun to add a new accessory to your closet to try! We definitely recommend your new accessory be a wide-brimmed hat. These are still very in style and it’s the perfect time of year to wear them. We have several you can choose from HERE. Find your favorite and give it a whirl! A wide-brimmed hat just elevates any outfit and really makes a statement–which is what every girl needs every now and then. 

4 Tips for Choosing Timeless Wardrobe Accessories

We hope you found some things you want to try from these 4 tips for choosing timeless wardrobe accessories! We loved putting these tips together for you and hope you feel a bit more confident when shopping for accessories now. We can’t wait to see what you pick! Make sure to give us a follow on Instagram @loveoliveco for more tips on picking out the best items for your wardrobe and how to style them! 

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4 tips for choosing timeless accessories. www.loveoliveco.com