4 Elements Every Patio Needs

4 Elements Every Patio Needs

The days are getting longer and that means more time outside! I love creating a comfortable lounge space for the backyard where I can sit and enjoy watching my kids run after each other all afternoon. Or the nice quiet nights when my husband and I can put the kids down and sneak outside for some alone time just cuddling and watching the stars! Let me share the top 4 elements every patio needs for all your summer activities!

Eat & Drink & Be Merry

The first element is all about the food and drink! Dinner outside is a summer time must, and finding the right kind of furniture to hold food and drink can be tricky. The very first patio set I remember owning was plastic and not very sturdy. I was very nervous about setting any food or drink down because more often than not, by the end of the evening all the content would end up on the ground!

Investing in sturdy, weather-proof furniture will transform the way you enjoy yourself outside. A place to sit and converse is a key element for every patio. I love all the details of this Henning 4 pc Patio Conversation set from Target. It’s weather and rust resistant design is durable and perfect for long-lasting use. It also comes with scotchgard-treated fabric that resists staining and repels moisture. If you have kids, you will never regret investing in scotchgard! 

Seating arrangements on the patio can vary, so try and consider how you’ll use your outdoor furniture. Does your family just gather to dine, or sit and have conversations? Or maybe a little of both?

You can find full dining sets like this Cliff 7 pc Outdoor Dining Set by Christopher Knight Home from Target and really set the table. Maybe you have a lot of littles running around and it’s hard getting them to sit at the indoor table altogether! A better option for your patio element might be this Outdoor Sectional Sofa from World Market. Just enough for mom and dad to sit down and relax, let everyone run around and grab food from the coffee table at leisure. If it’s just you and your partner, these patio chairs are also perfect!

Outdoor Comfort

The sofa is a great example of bringing the comfort of home outdoors. Just because you are outside, doesn’t mean you have to forego any of the comforts of laying on soft, plush furniture. Cushions, pillows, and even a few throws are wonderful ways to create comfort for you and your guests while lounging outside. 

Lighting is a great way to create a moody, intimate feel. Throw a few strings of light across your patio space and enjoy the glow of bistro lighting while everything around you gets darker. These bistro lights are perfect for the outdoors. You’ll want to be sure that the lights you hang are heavy-duty, commercial-grade weatherproof strand lights to pass the test against any kind of weather. One of my favorite elements for the patio!

A Soft Touch

While you might be outside enjoying nature, adding a plant element to your patio can create a soft touch on a typically hard space. Plants can be added in a number of different ways, from hanging baskets, large floor planters, and small arrangements. It is also fun to fill a few vases with tropical plants and sprinkle those around the patio.

Here is a great example of how to use different shapes and sizes of planters. You can switch up the kind of plants used in each one. Typically a larger size pot works with trees while smaller sizes look great with tiny shrubs or cascading plants. 

I love to add a metal watering can that is functional and cute to my outdoor set! This water can is made of galvanized iron for extended durability. You can also remove the nozzle to protect your more delicate plants.

Outdoor Rugs

Is there anything better than an outdoor rug? The first time my husband brought one home I really couldn’t believe that I could throw it outside and not worry about the weather! An outdoor rug is typically made from synthetic material or plant fibers, which means they will be durable in weather and high traffic areas. This element for your patio will give a nice finished look to any backyard decor.

While shopping for an outdoor rug, be sure to find one that has a non-slip backing. I love this gorgeous rug, or this darker option with a fun pattern. The last thing you want to do is be adjusting your outdoor rug every time someone runs across it. Use the rug to connect and gather the patio furniture around. 

I can’t wait to throw something on the barbecue and enjoy the summer nights! It might feel overwhelming to choose a plan for your backyard, but if you focus on dining, comfort, bringing nature in close with plants, and add a great outdoor rug, you are set!I hope these tips and tricks will help as you create a beautiful space to gather this summer!