4 easy road trip outfits you'll love. www.loveoliveco.com

4 Easy Road Trip Outfits You’ll Love

4 Easy Road Trip Outfits You’ll Love

Road trip, anyone? We love a good road trip, especially when we have the right clothes for it. We have some super cute options for you too! If you aren’t excited about your road trip coming up, you will be after you see these cute outfits we put together for you! Here are 4 easy road trip outfits you’ll love. 

Road trips are so much fun! But the last thing you’d want for a road trip is feeling absolutely uncomfortable in the clothes you’re riding in all day. Or not feeling like your cute self because you’re still wearing your PJs. There are tons of ways for you to dress cute and still receive ultimate comfort for your road trip. We know you’ll love this list we put together for you and can’t wait to see what you end up getting!

4 Easy Road Trip Outfits You’ll Love

Easy Road Trip Outfit #1: Lounge Set

matching lounge set perfect to wear on a road trip. www.loveoliveco.com

Whoever said you can’t be cute in a lounge set obviously didn’t know about the Giles outfit. The top is loose and made out of the softest material. You can give it a cute little front tuck into the bottoms to show off the drawstring and buttons (we think they are such a statement piece!). This outfit is literally perfect for a road trip because it has comfort written all over it. 

Easy Road Trip Outfit #2: Vintage Tee & Biker Shorts

vintage 90s summer tee. www.loveoliveco.com

If your road trip is set for the summertime you NEED the 90s Summer Tee for it!! It’s vintage and fun which is everything you want your road trip to be anyway, so it will bring all the good vibes for you as soon as you put it on. You can pair it with our Mercie Biker Shorts and you’ll have the perfect road trip outfit. You can even finish it off with our Teva Mid Form Sandals. We love a good pair of Tevas where you still get to wear sandals but don’t have to worry about them slipping off as you’re getting in and out of your car for restroom and stretch breaks.

Easy Road Trip Outfit #3: Oversized Tee with Leggings

oversized tee with a smiley face. www.loveoliveco.com

Who else could live in oversized tees for the rest of their lives? We are so happy about them being in style right now. The loose fit plus the vintage graphics just get us every time! We have quite the collection of oversized tees, so come take your pick here. You can pair any of them with a simple pair of leggings to give a nice contrast between form-fitting and loose-fitting. 

Easy Road Trip Outfit #4: V-neck Tee with Joggers

cute and comfortable joggers with an adjustable drawstring. www.loveoliveco.com

Joggers are another piece of clothing we are head over heels about. Joggers are a great option for a road trip because they are loose enough to give you comfort while sitting in a car for hours on end and are usually made out of super lightweight material too. That is a winning combination in our book. You could pair your joggers with a simple v-neck tee and give it a nice front tuck to show off that cute waistband joggers pull off so well. 

4 Easy Road Trip Outfits You’ll Love

We told you these are 4 easy road trip outfits you’ll love! The question is, which one do you love the most? We’d love to know which ones you end up picking! Come let us know over on Instagram. You could even send us a pic of you on your road trip in the outfit. That would be so fun! And, if you don’t already, be sure to give us a follow @loveoliveco so you can be the first to know of our latest drops and tips on how to style them!

4 easy road trip outfits you'll love. www.loveoliveco.com
road trip outfits you'll love. www.loveoliveco.com
summer road trip outfits you'll want to wear all day every day. www.loveoliveco.com
four road trip looks you'll love. www.loveoliveco.com